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Author Charles W. Shirriff

Title Souls of a Feather

Reviewer James Jordan

Genre realism, fictionalized biography, fact-based.

Kink M/M, transexual male prefers to be female. Straight male likes to dress for the gay club scene.

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness Gay characters in a natural setting. Some gay hustlers, but no descriptive sex.

Summary A previously homophobic teenager becomes close friends with with an openly gay man.
The novel concentrates on presenting a balanced view of various lifestyles and gives a personal look at different spirtual processes, experiences and lifestyles.

Quality Very thought provoking and fosters understanding of different people, lifestyles and value systems.

Sequels/prequels Spirits of a Feather (published 2000) is the prequel to Souls of a Feather. "Spirits" deals with the first six month of the hero's life in the big city, and emphasizes his fight to deal with his homophobic feelings. The sequel, "Souls" which follows the next two years of his life, was published in 2001.

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