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Author Tanya Huff

Title Sing the Four Quarters

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy

Kink F/F

Grade ***--  Okay

Explicitness No onstage sex

Summary Annice is a traveling bard with the ability to talk to all four elements, and make them do her will. She is kind and has a great sense of humour, but is proud and obstinate. She is also a disinherited princess who is not allowed to marry or have children, so as not to mess up the royal line of succession. And not only does she become pregnant, the father is a convicted traitor himself.

Now Annice and Stasya, her long-suffering girlfriend, must hide the unborn baby and the wanted Duc from the King's troops, while trying to prove the father, Pjerin, is the victim of a dastardly plot.

Quality Funny and fast-paced mystery/political intrigue, with good characterizations.
Huff shows us a magical and beautiful utopia where being gay/bi is a non-issue, but real people still have problems: how do you make peace with your family when the cruelest things have been said and done?
How do you keep the balance in a relationship where lovers often spend months apart because of work?
Who gets custody of children whose parents aren't together?

This is one of Huff's earlier books, and not her best, but still very fine. Especially the authentic sounding dialogue, and the very detailed, believable world building make the book worth reading.

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