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Author Tanith Lee

Title The Silver Metal Lover

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Young Adult, Romance, Coming-of-age novel, Science Fiction

Kink M/M, male android/manMale android/woman, male android/man

Grade ***--  Okay

Explicitness A few sweetly non-graphic sexscenes.

Summary Jane, a sweet, self-effacing 16 year old who falls in love easily (but only with fictive men), has the first independent thoughts and feelings of her life when she falls head over heels in love with the ultimate bad match: Silver, a gorgeous, musically gifted artificial man.
Now she must grow up in a hurry to find her own true destiny and stand against her domineering mother.

Quality Exciting, humorous, charming, superficial.

Wonderful little psychological portraits of Jane's friends and relatives, and even of herself, which is very impressive since the book is written in first person.

Quite interesting vision of the near future. It never becomes more than a back-drop for Jane, but has some clever ideas. It's neither the typical "the world is destroyed in nuclear war" of the time (1981) or the budding cyberpunk, but its own little hybrid of (commentary on?) the two.

The only unsatisfactory part of the book is the very last chapter, which rather patronizes the reader. I won't say it feels tacked on, as it's certainly foreshadowed through-out the book (perhaps a tad heavily).
Editor's intervention? "It's a YA novel after all, mustn't make the little darlings use their brains and basic human insight, nevermind it's a pre-requisite for reading the book in the first place"?

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