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Author Russel A Brown

Title Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Pastiche, historical, humor

Kink M/M

Grade ***--  Okay

Explicitness No sex, but the emotional intensity more than makes up for it.

Summary Holmes and Watson must infiltrate the sordid sodomist underworld of Victorian London in order to help their anonymous client. This revolting task causes great emotional distress for the sensitive Watson.

Quality Brown exaggerates the linguistic peculiarities of A. Conan Doyle, which is mildly amusing at first, but mostly repetitive and dull.
The interpretation of Watson is outstanding, *very* impressive. Brown stays in Conan Doyle's style, yet manages to lend new depths to the character.

Oscar Wilde is not given any personality beyond what can be gleaned from the epigrams and bon mots he really did say in real life, and which are quoted here. Still, fiction about real people without their permission is a little creepy.

The mystery Holmes solves is uninteresting. But that hardly matters next to the fascinating historical details.

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