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Author Gary Jennings

Title Raptor

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Historical, action

Kink Hermaphrodite/male, hermaprodite/female, hernaphrodite/hermaphrodite

Grade ***--  Okay

Explicitness A number of non-graphic sex-scenes, but only where it makes sense in the plot.

Summary Thorn: hermaphrodite warrior, diplomate, spy, lover of women and men alike.
Theodoric: king of the Visigoths. A vision of the macho beta-male. <longing sigh>

The fall of the Roman Empire to the Visigoths.
The strange and interesting life story of one hermaphrodite.
James Bond and Mata Hari in ancient Europe.

Quality The first half to two-thirds of the novel is very good, a great suspense story with likable, interesting main characters, and lots of macabre humour.
The relationship between Thorn and Theodoric is well described, and a high point.
The historical setting seems carefully researched, and the reader learns an awful lot in a smooth and easy way.

However toward the end (in Thorn's middle and old age) the novel becomes drier, more a summary of historical events than a personal narrative. Only a few, rather cool, "Thorn-isms" make the ending worth reading.
Overall, the book is good, and the anti-climactic ending doesn't ruin it, merely slows it down somewhat.

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) Child-abuse, rape.

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