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Author Tanya Huff

Title The Quartered Sea

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy

Kink M/M
D/S, heroic suffering
Man/water elemental

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness Many sweet, non-graphic sex scenes m/f and m/water elemental

Summary Benedikt is a talented and powerful bard with a very special connection to water kigh. This is his sole source of pride and self-confidence (of which he doesn't have much), so he jumps at the opportunity to sail across the sea to search for a new continent.
Tragically, the ship founders; and only Benedikt survives. Now he must learn to live and succeed in a foreign culture where he can only depend on his own wits, and somehow try to get a message home.

Quality A great book. Benedikt is the perfect anti-hero, impossible not to love and identify with, even knowing his own and others' low opinion of him. His growth as a character is interesting and believable.

The other characters are all interesting and challenging psychological puzzles. While Shkoder, the setting of the previous Quarters books is further developed, the new world remains rather sketchy due to the confinement and manipulation of Benedikt (shown in wonderfully claustrophobic and desperate style), but the reader still learns more than is typical in fantasy books about the political and social structure of the place.

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