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Author Delia Marshall Turner

Title Nameless Magery

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy, humor

Kink M/M
BDSM, mindgames

Grade *****  Excellent

Explicitness Some very hot m/f sexscenes.
M/m flirting + off stage sex.
BDSM mindgames + off stage sex.

Summary Lisane, who is a young goddess incarnate and nearly perfect in every way (luckily she has enough charming self-irony to endear her to the reader), moves from an intuitive, matriarchal, wiccan utopia to a rational, patriarchal world, where she is enrolled in an all-boys boarding school, replete with ritual hazing, sodomy, and a rigid hierarchical structure.
Here she meets the terribly noble and handsome Simon, who becomes her mentor, and her class mate Detter, a smart, beautiful, cruel sadomasochist (and a brilliant character).
It is a culture shock for all concerned.

Quality 1st person narrative in a smooth, beautiful, yet remarkable natural sounding voice. Outstanding characterization of all the persons in the novel.

Very, very funny.
Feminist, but not female-chauvinist. Gently and with humor criticizes both the wiccan matriarchy and the magical patriarchy.

Sequels/prequels #1 Nameless Magery
#2 Of Swords and Spells

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