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Author Robert A Heinlein

Title The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Science fiction, action

Kink M/M (The male characters in this book are only stated to be close friends. However I find their relationship slashy.)
male AI/man

Grade *****  Excellent

Explicitness no sex

Summary Manuel, computer technician, loving family man, proud "Loonie", reluctant hero

Mycroft, newly sentient AI, runs the Lunar administration, childishly eager hero

WalkingWetdreamWoman, almost has enough personality to be attractive. One of Heinlein's better efforts.

Luna is a repressed Earth colony. To Manuel, this is just a fact of life, until one day Earth goes too far, and he and a band of like-minded men and women take up the fight for a free Luna.

Quality The language in this book is an absolute joy to read. Heinlein is always good at writing an exciting plot with male characters you can cheer on, but this is his best book IMO because it is written entirely in Loonie dialect. He manages to make all the words intuitively understandable or explains them so smoothly you don't even notice the info dump.

And wonder of wonders, the heroine is actually almost like a human being! There's a bit of a love triangle between her, Manuel, and Mycroft, and she's sympathetic enough that she doesn't read like a beard.

I called it action rather than anthro science fiction, but it still has a great description of Luna society. The world comes alive for you, and I bet you can't read about it and not want to go visit.--Only 77 years to wait now!

Sequels/prequels #1 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

#2 The Cat who Walks through Walls--it's actually a sequel to all of Heinlein's best books, and the Loonie content is low.

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