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Author Lois McMaster Bujold

Title Mirror Dance

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Space Opera, military


Grade *****  Excellent

Explicitness One semi-consensual BDSM m/m/m sex scene. Flirting.

Summary Miles Vorkosigan/Naismith: Military genius, nobleman, and spy. Charming and megalomaniac. Has a great career, but his love-life and his many secret identities are a mess.

Mark: A clone of Miles, programmed to kill him and take over his life, but decided not to when he got to know him (in Brothers in Arms). In a deep identity crisis.

Elena Bothari-Jesek: Childhood friend and great love of Miles. His second-in-command as Admiral Naismith, leader of the Dendarii Free Mercenaries.

Mark takes over Miles' identity as Naismith, to use the mercenary fleet for his own purposes. Miles has to clean up the mess.

Quality Fantastic psychological portrait of Mark and Miles. Nailbiting action. Hot and disturbing heroic suffering scenes. Soap.
Some of the best world/universe building ever. Huge cast of characters, everyone of them well-written enough to be faceted and distinct.

Great multi-leveled conversation. Lots of humor and dry wit.

Unquestionably the best of the Vorkosigan series.

Sequels/prequels The Vorkosigan Series:
#1 Falling Free (none of the same characters.)
#2 Shards of Honor
#3 Barrayar
#2+3 Cordelia's Honor
#4 The Warrior's Apprentice
#5 The Vor Game
#4+5 Young Miles
#6 Cetaganda
#7 Ethan of Athos (only one of the same characters)
#8 Brothers in Arms
#9 Borders of Infinity
#10 Mirror Dance
#11 Memory
#12 Komarr
#13 A Civil Campaign
#14 Diplomatic Immunity

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