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Author Nancy Springer

Title Metal Angel

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy, ode to rock and roll

Kink M/M
male angel/man, male angel/woman

Grade *----  Awful

Explicitness A few nongraphic sexscenes.

Summary Volos: a sexy, but immature angel; the ultimate rock star.
Texas: a runaway husband on a journey of self-discovery.
Angela: a gifted songwriter trapped in a passionless marriage, and a restrictive, misogynistic religion.
Mercedes: (a man) a wannabe who latches onto Volos to help his own fame along.
Volos gives up immortality to become a rock star, and thereby changes the destinies of the people he befriends drastically.

Quality The book drags along. Volos' career happens too easily, and there's no suspense there. The major action is internal, the philosophizing, passion, and emotional growth of the main characters. As they are poorly drawn, and what we know about them is mostly unattractive, it's hard to care.

The language is good, very sensual and evocative. Unfortunately this is spoiled by either bad song lyrics or lengthy descriptions of the size of Volos' penis on virtually every page.

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) One-sided religion vs. rock music debate that seems more like an attack on Christianity

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