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Author Peter David

Title Howling Mad

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Humor, with a fantasy premise.

Kink male wolf (werehuman)/woman

Grade *----  Awful

Explicitness Some non-graphic m/f sex.

Summary Joshua is a werehuman - a wolf who turns into a human when it's full moon.
He is caught in the wild and brought to a NY city zoo, but escapes. Now he must learn to live among humans. There he meets Darlene, a young woman who can't help being nice, especially to animals.

Quality Sadly, the cover is the best part of the book.
Some of Joshua's musing about the difference between wolves and humans are mildly amusing. Ditto some of Darlene's musings about the difference between wild animals and the men she usually dates.

The characters never seem real, and it's hard to care what happens to them. The plot drags, and the settings are hardly defined at all.

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