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Author Mercedes Lackey

Title The Herald-Mage Trilogy

Reviewer leia69
(Nora Charles)

Genre Fantasy

Kink M/M
(Horse/Human intense friendship)

Grade ****-  Very good
(**---  Pretty bad)

Explicitness Kissing and off screen sex

SummaryThis is basically the life story of Vanyel from the time he is sent to Haven to live with his Aunt Savil.

Quality All three books are well written, easy to follow and have interesting and exciting plots. The characters are interesting, believable and you can't help liking and sympathizing with them.

The second book in the trilogy is rather dull with the main charater, Vanyel, whining about his life. But it does have an interesting side plot. And in the context of the entire Heralds of Valdemar series all this trilogy is a must read that explains many things in the "present day" stories.

(All the books are badly written; wooden, boring and clicheed. Book two is outright awful, a typical example of one story being stretched into a trilogy, with only enough material for one or two books.)

Sequels/prequelsThis trilogy is part of an even bigger series called The Heralds of Valdemar which spans from the creation of their world as they know it to "present day". I recommend them all, even the non-slash ones - though there's usually gay characters in all of them.

(I've only skimmed some of the other books in the series, not really read them, but I don't think they looked the least bit appealing. I suppose they're okay if you're into whiny hurt/comfort with noble telepathic animal soulmates and tortured talented musicians.
Sometimes I am in the mood for that, but then I'd frankly rather read some straight to the point fanfic, which tends to be better written, and have more well-rounded, well-established characters.)

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) A death story which ultimately has a happy ending.

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