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Author Anne Bishop

Title Heir to the Shadows

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy

Kink Heroic suffering

Grade *----  Awful

Explicitness No sex.

Summary Jaenelle: The Witch, destined to save the world when she reaches maturity. But first she must heal her grave emotional and physical wounds, and grow up.

Saetan: Jaenelle's adoptive father, a loveable, grandfatherly despot and high lord of Hell.

Lucivar: Jaenelle' adoptive brother, a loveable, rascally homicidal maniac.

Talking horsies and puppies and kitties and unicorns, oh my!

Little orphan Jaenelle moves in with Daddy Saetan, and is reunited with anyone she ever loved. She has lots and lots of slumber parties.
She is the most popular of all the girls, and all the boys have crushes on her.

Some evil people want to kill her friends the talking animals, and use them as fur coats, but she saves them.

Quality The best thing about this book: they eat the bunnies.

The tongue in cheek humour, the eroticism and dark mystery, the driving need and ruthlessnes of the main characters that was in the first part of the trilogy, are all missing from this book.

I have nothing against cutesy books with talking animals and pretty, popular girls that save their friends from evil men, then drink hot cocoa. But at least those books have an approximation of a plot, some kind of however vague closure, and a faint, but detectable connection with other books in the series; Heir to the Shadows doesn't.

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#2 Heir to the Shadows

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