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Author:  Tanith Lee
Title:   The Silver Metal Lover
Genre:   Young Adult, Romance, Coming-of-age novel, Science Fiction
Kink:    M/M, male android/manMale android/woman, male android/man
Grade:   ***--  Okay

Author:  Tanya Huff
Title:   The Quartered Sea
Genre:   Fantasy
Kink:    M/M
D/S, heroic suffering
Man/water elemental
Grade:   ****-  Very good

Author:  David Bouchard
Title:   The Mermaid's Muse - The Legend of the Dragon Boats
Genre:   Art, fantasy
Kink:    Dragon/man
Grade:   ****-  Very good

Author:  Julie E Czerneda
Title:   Beholder's Eye
Genre:   Science fiction
Kink:    female alien shapeshifter/man
Grade:   ****-  Very good

Author:  Robert A Heinlein
Title:   The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
Genre:   Science fiction, action
Kink:    M/M (The male characters in this book are only stated to be close friends. However I find their relationship slashy.)
male AI/man
Grade:   *****  Excellent

Author:  Nancy Springer
Title:   Metal Angel
Genre:   Fantasy, ode to rock and roll
Kink:    M/M
male angel/man, male angel/woman
Grade:   *----  Awful

Author:  Peter David
Title:   Howling Mad
Genre:   Humor, with a fantasy premise.
Kink:    male wolf (werehuman)/woman
Grade:   *----  Awful

Author:  Mercedes Lackey
Title:   The Herald-Mage Trilogy
Genre:   Fantasy
Kink:    M/M
(Horse/Human intense friendship)
Grade:   ****-  Very good
(**---  Pretty bad)

Author:  Isaac Asimov
Title:   The Caves of Steel
Genre:   Science fiction, mystery
Kink:    M/M - The male characters in this book are only stated to be close friends, however I find their relationship slashable
Grade:   ****-  Very good

Author:  Valerie J Freireich
Title:   Becoming Human
Genre:   science fiction
Kink:    nonsexual sadism, slavery
artificially created human/human
Grade:   ****-  Very good

Author:  Sonni Cooper
Title:   Star Trek: Black Fire
Genre:   Melodrama/swashbuckler in futuristic setting.
Kink:    M/M
Grade:   **---  Pretty bad

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