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Author Poppy Z Brite

Title Drawing Blood

Reviewer Leia69

Genre Horror

Kink M/M

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness A few explicit sex scenes between the two main characters.

Summary 20 years ago, Trevors father killed his entire family, then himself, and left Trevor as the only survivor. On the anniversary of the murder he goes back to the house where it happened, to face his demons.

Zach, a hacker who has finally been discovered by the law, is on the run and ends up in the same town as Trevor and they fall in love.

They stay in the house where the murders were committed, and things start to get interesting.

Quality A very good story on the classic haunted house theme. Looks into the motives behind violence, love and art.


Warnings Jump to warnings (may contain spoilers)

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) Lots of violence and descriptions of dead bodies. Lots of drug use.

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