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Author Elizabeth A Lynn

Title Dragon's Winter

Reviewer Jody Sharp

Genre High fantasy

Kink M/M (M/F implied at the end)

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness PG-13, sex does occur but no details are given.

Summary Karandur's talisman, which enables him to transform into his dragon shape, is stolen by his resentful twin, Tenjiro. Not content with that betrayal, Tenjiro heads into the northern wastes and plots with an evil sorcerer for Karandur's throne.

Quality Although the bare outline of this novel may sound clichéed, Lynn's elegant and assured style lifts it out of the ordinary.
She deals compellingly with the themes of loss, betrayal and redemption. I find that I re-read the book frequently for the tortured satisfaction I get from Karandur and Azil's relationship. This is not a "happy" book: Karandur, Tenjiro and Azil are heroically tragic and the events that shape them are dark.
Secondary characters like Wolf and his wife Thea are more human and help bridge the distance between the reader and the main characters.
There is an epilogue that feels quite unlike the rest of the book, and points to a possible sequel.


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Warnings (may contain spoilers) This is a dark and gritty world in which several characters are tortured and several die.

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