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Author Anne Bishop

Title Daughter of the Blood

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Adult fairytale (magic, sex, and violence)

Kink M/M (only a little UST)

Grade **---  Pretty bad

Explicitness A few m/f BDSM non-consensual and semi-consensual sex scenes. While there's no graphic sex, the whole novel *steams* with it. It is erotic, rather than pornographic, but definitely has enough plot and character that it's not "erotica".

Summary Jaenelle: the innocent child with unusually strong witching powers, and a deep, dark secret. Dorothea: the evil witch, a powerful queen. Has killed all the strong witches and enslaved all the strong wizards. Well on her way to world domination. Secretly fears only the strong and moral witch-queen prophezised to come to restore balance in the worlds.

Saetan: Jaenelle's mentor. The former liege of the last good queen. Remains in the shadow world after his death, because he secretly waits for the next strong, moral which-queen, whom he has sworn to help restore balance in the worlds.

Daemon: the magically gifted hero. Sex slave of Dorothea. Has suffered terrible abuse from her and her followers. His only joy is hurting and humiliating women sexually. However, he secretly longs for a strong and moral witch-queen it would be a joy to submit to.

Surreal: the beautiful heroine. A high-paid prostitute and Assassin. Has suffered terrible abuse from Dorothea's son. Her only joy is killing men, usually during sex. Secretly hopes for... well, maybe you can guess.

The heroes must keep Jaenelle safe from her deep, dark secret, and from the evil queen, and take care of their own complicated and dangerous lives (and un-deadliness), while in the grip of strong emotions and strange passions.

Quality The plot: Too hilarious to be scary. Too horrible to be funny. Riveting, will have you begging/commanding more.
The characters: Too twisted to be believable. Too real to be caricatures. Engaging, will keep you awake worrying/fantasizing about them.

The language: only slightly purplish, and the silly demon names and other touches of humor keeps it from being self-indulgent and alienating. Actually, very well written, amazingly straight-faced for what's happening on the pages.

Sequels/prequelsThe Black Jewels Trilogy:
#1 Daughter of the Blood

#2 Heir to the Shadows

#3 Queen of the Darkness (go to Amazon or

Warnings Jump to warnings (may contain spoilers)

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) Non-consensual sex.

Little girl/adult man romance/relationship -- everything that happens between them is 100% consensual and doesn't challenge the girl's limits.

Child abuse--very horrible, but all off-stage.

Incest--non-consensual and semi-consensual, both child/adult and adult/adult.

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