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Author Catherine Cooke

Title The Crimson Goddess

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Fantasy, "The Professionals" AU

Kink M/M

Grade ***--  Okay

Explicitness No sex, but intense UST.

Summary Arris is a warrior slave created by the Crimson Goddess to defeat her enemies, the Gods of the Khalifate.
Saresha is the crownprince of the Khalifate, and Arris' boyhood friend. He no longer trusts him because of events in the previous books.

Arris struggles to remain loyal to those he loves as well as those who have power over him. This is made even harder, as both sides seem to think he is a traitor.

Quality Compulsively readable because of the angsty love story.
The fantasy world, and the supporting characters are unremarkable, but the two main characters are likable, imperfect human beings. They are well defined, especially considering they may be inspired by other people's characters.

There's nothing special about the language, it's too purple to be really good, but it's smooth enough.

Sequels/prequels#1 The Winged Assassin (go to Amazon)

#2 Realm of the Gods (go to Amazon)

#3 The Crimson Goddess

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