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Author Maureen F McHugh

Title China Mountain Zhang

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Science Fiction

Kink M/M

Grade *****  Excellent

Explicitness No on-screen sex, but very sensual.

Summary Zhang: An American. A gifted architect, and in-the-closet gay. He looks Chinese, but is really Latino.
Martine and Alexi: Goatfarmers in a commune on Mars. Uneasy roommates. Alexi is taking a longdistance class with Zhang as his teacher.

Angel: A kiteflyer: sportsstar/artist/celebrity.

Chinese Marxism dominates the world. The community is always more important than the individual, so it's not easy finding and being true to yourself if you don't fit the ideal. Zhang focuses on his career, and tries to bury his illegal homosexuality. But can an American succeed in a Chinese dominated field, and can he be content with a life lived on a lie?

Quality Beautiful. An absolute pleasure to read. The characters seem so real, and immediately become very dear to you. Their setbacks and successes are so true, it's difficult to remember this is a fictional, quite unlikely world.
The language is a magical mixture of prose and poetry, and the meaning is clear both to your conscious and sub-conscious, like a song with great lyrics and the perfect melody. The only part of the novel that's a bit unclear is the surrealist description of kiteflying--I guess you had to be there.

Sequels/prequelsMight be in the same universe as Half the Day is Night or Mission Child, but has none of the same characters.

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