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Author Isaac Asimov

Title The Caves of Steel

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Science fiction, mystery

Kink M/M - The male characters in this book are only stated to be close friends, however I find their relationship slashable

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness Implied m/f robot/human sex.

Summary Elijah Bailey, an Earth cop. Diplomatic and a good judge of character. Has a well-buried taste for adventure, but doesn't like Spacers or robots.
Daneel Olivaw, a Spacer android. Smooth and polite, very human-seeming, with a keen, logical mind. But has a difficult time understanding humans.

Centuries ago, a group of scientists left Earth and founded the Spacer worlds, where they made huge advances in robotics and other sciences. Back on Earth, the cities grew underground, population boomed and science stagnated. Robots were virtually out-lawed.
Now these two groups of humanity encountered each other again, and two cops from either culture must work together to solve a murder.

Quality A very fine buddy cop novel, written decades before Lethal Weapons.
The murder mystery is interesting, but the main strenght of the novel is the wonderfully life-like male characters, and the extrapolated future of our world, as seen from 1954. It is remarkably fresh, considering.

The language is lively, with lots of humor, and very little obscure 50's slang. The different voices of the characters are exceptionally well written.

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