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Author Sonni Cooper

Title Star Trek: Black Fire

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Melodrama/swashbuckler in futuristic setting.

Kink M/M

Grade **---  Pretty bad

Explicitness No sex, but very suggestive.
It reads like an expurgated slash fan novel, and in fact I am reasonably sure it is.

Summary Spock runs away from Starfleet (and Kirk) with his new Romulan boyfriend, to become a pirate. Kirk is torn between his duty as a Starfleet officer and his desire to run after Spock and win him back, or failing that, choke him to death.--Or maybe both.

Quality Most of the book seems to be written in summary form, except for the most emotionally laden moments, such as the prison shower scene, the courtmartial, and the angsty confrontation with Kirk; and of course the lavish dinnerparties, and the visit to the tailor--there are some great clothes in this book.
The plot is uneven (it looks like the author boiled several books down to one) but still gripping. The changes in the setting and direction of the story are sudden and big--it feels like reading an old fashioned serial.

It is a little over the top, but Cooper really manages to convince the reader Spock would behave this way. And it's just too much fun to take seriously.

Another treat is that Scotty plays a big role, esp. in a wonderful h/c section.

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