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Author Julie E Czerneda

Title Beholder's Eye

Reviewer Nora Charles

Genre Science fiction

Kink female alien shapeshifter/man

Grade ****-  Very good

Explicitness No sex, but strong emotions + physical intimacy

Summary Esen, a shapeshifter anthropologist, undercover as a dog in an alien society. She's brilliant, and well-trained, but she's also very young, on her first solo mission, and very far from home. It's hard not to break cover and talk to people!
Paul Ragem, a human first-contact specialist, and a captive of the aliens Esen studies. Very handsome, brave, and idealistic, and persistently loyal to Esen, even though she's told and told him she's an observer only, she won't interfere!

Ragem breaks Esen's cover, at the same time as an enemy of Esen's people is out to get her and her family. Now Esen must evade capture both by the Enemy, and Ragem's people, and get Paul to stop helping her all the time--because it makes her want to help him too...

Quality Action packed, funny, and romantic.
Fantastically alien and diverse aliens, especially the main character, who never-the-less is completely sympathetic. A very thought-out and well-realized world, roomy enough to explore further in more books, but detailed enough to be interesting.

Great language, with many very effective images, and charming descriptions of people and locales.

Sequels/prequels The Web Shifters series: #1 Beholder's Eye #2 Changing Vision (go to Amazon or

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Warnings (may contain spoilers) Child/adult man romance/relationship -- everything that happens is 100% consensual. No sex.

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